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Pair of hair ornaments in the Etruscan Campana style, consisting of a short bronze spike and the top made of a bronze bead with an umbrella shaped pendant, with six small trembling elements, and a larger one going from the center, consisting of two round beads graduated by size.

The Campana jewelry is a collection of antique jewelry reunited by Giampietro CAMPANA di CAVELLI in early 19th century and mainly devoted to Etruscan and Greek jewelry. In collaboration with Fortunato PIO CASTELLANI, to whom CAMPANA had entrusted the restoration of his discoveries, copies produced were sold, from 1853, to the bourgeoisie. The middle class became infatuated with copies of Etruscan jewelry marketed by the CASTELLANI workshops, located in several European countries. French jewelers, in particular Prosper-Eugène FONTENAY, embark also on the production of jewelery in Campanian fashion. 
circa 1860 Italy
Width : 2.5 cm
Length : 2.5 cm
Height : 11.5 cm