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JOURNAL DES DAMES ET DES MODES (French, 1797 - 1839)
Watercolour fashion plate No.32, represents women's parisian costume according to fashion trends in 1827.

This engraving depicts two women and one man wearing fashionable outfits. The first one is an ankle-length white dress with short puffy sleeves. It is decorated with white emroidery and a flower bouquet on the front, the waist is accentuated with a belt with a gilt metal buckle. The bottom of the dress has triangle lace inserts and blue flower bouquet decorations. The outfit is accessorized with white gloves, golden earrings, pearl beaded ferroniere, a white fan in her right hand and a "giraffe" hairstyle with flower decorations.

The second woman is wearing a magenta dress with removable white gigot sleeves and embroidery details on the skirt and cuffs. The outfit is accessorized with a yellow and orange-striped scarf and a large magenta hat with yellow feathers.

The man is depicted in a hunting outfit, leaning on a rifle, wearing a blue frock coat, light green pants, light grey top hat, and yellow boots with matching gloves and pouch.
Hand-coloured engraving
1827 France
Length : 11.6 cm
Height : 19.6 cm