Evening mini dress

Clothes for Women

Inventory number
Evening mini dress embroidered with false gems and ostrich feathers.
Ostrich feathers
False gems
circa 1966 Florence, Italy

Exhibitions History
• 2016.07.13–2016.10.16. ‘Tamed Nature. 18th–21st Century. From Alexandre Vassiliev foundation collection.’ Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Riga, Latvia.
• 2016.12.01–2017.11.01. ‘Tamed Nature. 18th–21st century. From Alexandre Vassiliev foundation collection.’ Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Vilnius, Lithuania.
• 2018.06.04–2018.12.02. ‘Resort of the fashion from Alexandre Vassiliev foundation collection. Fashion from 18th to 20th century.’ Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku, Azerbaijan.
• 2020.06.01–2020.10.30. ‘Fashion and Nature. 1785–2005. From Alexandre Vassiliev foundation collection.’ Silute Hugo Sheu Museum (Hugo Sheu Manor), Silutė, Lithuania.
• 2023.07.15–2023.11.05. ‘The Paradox of Fashion: Fashion versus Art.’ Alexandre Vassiliev foundation together with Kampa Museum Funds. Kampa Museum, Prague, Czech Republic.
• 2023.12.21–2024.01.19. ‘Awaiting the miracle of holidays (1920–1990). From the collection of Alexandre Vassiliev foundation.’ Cultural Center, Visaginas, Lithuania.